Well, I have to say that Day Three was not as exciting as Days one and two.  The cast has either started acting normal, or settled into a routine of lethargy.  I did notice that they are doing some things that would make them happier - if they were someone else.  For instance, Chris, who dreams of romance, spends all his time gaining new skills.  That would better help Rebecca, who craves knowledge. . . but she spends all her time bonding with the other contestants - something that would help Dan or Brad, who want to be popular.  It's frustrating.

As a side note, I figured out how to up the quality of the screenshots.  Go me!  Better pictures in this edition.

Anyway, on with the show. . .

The dishwasher is still broken.  People have taken to doing dishes in bathroom sinks.  Very wise.  This gets people in to trouble as the day progresses, but with the dishwasher out of commission, what can you do? 

Sarah awakens on Day Three to find Rebecca still standing over her bed after telling Mackenna to bug off.  Even though Rebecca had just lashed out at Mackenna for trying to be friendly, she bids Sarah "good morning" with a shit-eating grin.  They talk about a house for a good two seconds and then wave goodbye, even though they're only going to different rooms.  Rebecca heads off to the computer, and Sarah goes to the bathroom.

Lucas is still fueling his cleaning obsession with Grade-A caffeine, but Brad has finally hit rock bottom and is demanding sleep like he's expecting the Sandman to waltz in and grant his wish.  Sorry, dude, you're on your own.  Find a bed.  Or a couch - the recliner is still in use by Dan, too bad for you.

While Lucas enjoys his forty-second cup of coffee, Sarah takes a bath.  She's the only one in the house who pays meticulous attention to her hygiene.  If she didn't have that habit of kicking the crap out of everyone, she'd be too normal to live in this house.


Rebecca is running on 143 cups of coffee and no sleep in 24 hours.  She inexplicably feels tired.  The obvious solution - MORE COFFEE.  After getting her 144 cup, she has breakfast with Sarah, where they discuss the many cooking fires that have plagued their home.  Then, the conversation turns to Dan and their distrust of his new, friendly persona. 


Lucas starts his daily cleaning regimen, but interrupts it with another panic attack.  Get a job, dude!  Seriously, it's very hard for me to keep my hands off, because it's so frustrating to watch these Sims thrash about helplessly instead of doing the simplest things in order to better their situation.  Rebecca has been jonesing to get a look at that telescope for two days, but she has yet to set foot outside.  All she has to do is walk down the hall and out the door and all her dreams will come true.  Likewise for Lucas. . . all he needs to do is pick up the newspaper and get a job, but he won't. 

Everyone is kind of hanging around - Sarah and Lucas "relax" on their beds - looks like they're pouting to me.  Brad, Chris, and Mackenna are sleeping.  Rebecca is in the shower (for once she's bathing instead of playing sailor girl), and Dan is playing darts, even though he's on the verge of starving to death.  Hilariously, Sarah has chosen to relax on the bed where Mackenna lies sleeping, even though there are several other unoccupied beds, a couch, and a recliner.  Jeez, stalker.

Oops, spoke too soon.  Rebecca is up to her old tricks, playing in the bathtub.  She will do this several times throughout the day.  Big ass TV and game system - unused.


BORING.  Time to shake things up - time to buy a bar!  I put the bar in the hall so anyone who chooses to can get drunk on their way to go to sleep.  Coincidentally, Dan receives some aspiration points from the bar - he's apparently been dreaming of a bar and now he has one!  Score!  Lucas heads to bed, totally passing up the chance to get roaring drunk.  Your loss, Lucas.

Chris is back at the piano.  He's either gotten better or the maid and Sarah have shitty taste in music. 



Rebecca freaks out again.  Why does this always happen in the bathroom?  Is she ashamed of being seen freaking out?  She doesn't seem ashamed of any of the other weird things she does.  She snaps out of it and goes to make a TV Dinner.  Dan finally chooses food over darts and also heads to the kitchen.  Mackenna drags herself out of bed, but declines to dress herself.  Rebecca and Dan don't seem to care when she walks into the kitchen scantily clad, so I have to assume everyone is pretty free with their bodies around here.  Rebecca starts to crash from all of her coffee and goes to bed.  FINALLY.  Brad wakes up to enjoy a rousing game of darts in his skivvies, which just confirms the whole "clothing optional" atmosphere.


After breakfast, Dan decides to move in on the still-unclothed Mackenna, with Sarah following right behind.  Dan wants to give a nice tickle, Sarah just wants to admire Dan.  Finally, I see the reason for Dan's personality switch!  He's trying to be the mack-daddy of the house - and he's succeeding!  Wait, what's this?  Here comes Brad to give Sarah a hug.  It's like a bathroom love-in.  Uh-oh!  Dan's plan to get Brad on his side backfires when Brad swats him away.  The love-in breaks up when Mackenna decides to use the room for its proper purpose and shoos everyone out.  Everyone else doesn't take too kindly to this, and Mackenna is once again the object of derision.



Oh, look, it's Sarah's turn to freak out!  She is worried that she'll never find true love.  The funny thing is that she's the most popular person in the house.  Everyone has her as a "friend" in their relationship meter - and she has 4 of the other 6 contestants as "friends" in her window.  All she has to do is try a little harder and maybe flirt a bit and she'll have all the love she can handle.  But, as we've seen so far, doing the obvious is never what these freaks will choose, so I have to imagine that instead of talking to someone Sarah will choose to watch TV all day long.





Meanwhile, Dan is either REALLY hungry or he's taken to bribing people with food.  As Dan passes around his wholesome sandwiches made of olive loaf and Wonderbread, Chris takes his turn at freaking out.  He stands in the kitchen and apparently berates Dan for his inability to love. 

Brad, witnessing the freak out, offers himself to Chris, who takes the whole thing as a big joke.  Brad attempts to recover by demonstrating his ass-shaking skills and his hatred of children's toys, but Chris just laughs all the harder.  Eventually, Brad gives up and eats a delicious sandwich, thoughtfully provided by Dan.


Dan, trying for the first time to be a good roomie and clean up his mess, wanders into the bathroom where Sarah is showering.  Strangely, he doesn't leave after freaking out about the proximity of naked female, but continues to wash his plate in the sink.  Brad comes in and duplicates Dan's actions to a T - freak out, wash plate.  Sarah gets out of the shower and gives Dan shit for being a Peeping Tom, but since she seemed to think it was funny, Dan laughs it off and gives her a taste of her own medicine by beating her up.